I-GUIDE VCO: Virtual Poster Competition Q&A Session

Virtual Poster Competition Q&A Session

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 · 11:00 am (Central Time)


Join us for an Q&A session on the upcoming Virtual Poster Competition tailored for researchers utilizing geospatial data and methodologies to explore sustainability. Led by Dr. Iman Haqiqi of Purdue University, the agenda encompasses an array of topics, including the competition format, content guidelines, online event logistics, and the review process. Participants will engage in interactive discussions and gain invaluable insights into optimizing their poster presentations. Key highlights include guidance on poster layout optimization, adherence to FAIR principles for data and code transparency, and strategies for effectively summarizing research findings within varying time constraints. In addition, attendees will discover the potential of leveraging LinkedIn as a presentation platform to enhance visibility and impact.

I-GUIDE is currently accepting abstract submissions for the Virtual Poster Competition coming up April 29-30, 2024.  Learn more and apply here.

Poster abstract submission closes Friday, April 12 at 11:59pm PT.

Iman Haqiqi

Dr. Iman Haqiqi is a leading agricultural economist at Purdue University, recognized for his research on global trade and sustainability. His work within the Center for Global Trade Analysis and the Global to Local Analysis of Systems Sustainability (GLASS), has contributed significantly to our understanding of interactions of international agricultural trade, land use, water resources, and climate change. Dr. Haqiqi’s approach to research is characterized by its global-to-local-to-global perspective, considering economic feedback and local conditions to address major sustainability and resilience challenges.

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