I-GUIDE Platform Release Notes

Version 0.1 (June 2023)

We are pleased to announce the release version 0.1 of the I-GUIDE Platform. The I-GUIDE Platform is an open online platform that provides streamlined and user-friendly access to advanced cyberinfrastructure and cyberGIS capabilities with an integrated software stack for computationally reproducible and data-intensive geospatial analytics. 

The I-GUIDE Platform has been developed by a multi-institutional team of professionals and researchers specializing in advanced cyberinfrastructure and geospatial data science. The team is part of the Institute for Geospatial Understanding through an Integrative Discovery Environment (I-GUIDE) https://i-guide.io/ supported by the National Science Foundation.

The I-GUIDE Platform enables users to discover and execute interactive workflows implemented as Jupyter notebooks. Users from various institutions can quickly login and start using the I-GUIDE Platform with their institutional credentials. 

This first release of the I-GUIDE Platform includes the following three major components.

I-GUIDE JupyterHub

  • A public, web-accessible platform at https://jupyter.iguide.illinois.edu where users can login using their institutional credentials and try out curated Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate the use of open geospatial datasets to solve convergence science problems.
  • The platform utilizes CILogon https://www.cilogon.org/ to manage user credentials and authentication. This outsources identity management to each user’s home institution and avoids the need for a separate account for the platform.
  • The platform comes with various geospatial libraries pre-configured for use in Jupyter notebooks. If you find a particular library missing, please feel free to provide us feedback by using the process for reporting bugs or issues described below.
  • At the backend, the platform is deployed over a Kubernetes cluster hosted in  the JetStream2 https://jetstream-cloud.org/ cloud computing environment. 

I-GUIDE Resource Catalog

  • An alpha release of the I-GUIDE Resource Catalog is deployed at https://iguide.cuahsi.io/discover. This release of the catalog features a simple web interface for searching and registering geospatial-related data. The current features focus on establishing an open  foundation onto which more advanced functionality can be added in subsequent releases.

I-GUIDE Convergence Science Notebooks

  • A set of reproducible notebooks showcasing research being carried out by the I-GUIDE convergence science team including for example:
  • Geospatial transfer learning for image segmentation
  • Utilizing IPUMS data using Python API
  • Vulnerability analysis for aging dam infrastructure
  • Large-scale community hydrological modeling 

How to report bugs or issues?

Go to I-GUIDE Platform notebook showcase at https://i-guide.io/platform/discovery/ --> Report Issues (bottom right corner)

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