I-GUIDE VCO: Reexamining Geoprivacy: From Anonymity to a Harm-Based Approach

Reexamining Geoprivacy: From Anonymity to a Harm-Based Approach

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 · 11:00 am (Central Time)


Privacy has been an important topic within the geospatial science community, driven by the widespread use of geospatial technologies like mobile devices and the large amount of location data they generate. This has sparked considerable interest in geoprivacy that is specifically dedicated to the protection of location information. In this VCO, I will discuss our work on preserving anonymity and protecting against individual identifiability when using geospatial data. I will also address the need to move beyond anonymity and adopt a more general harm-based approach to address privacy concerns related to pervasive data collection and analytics. I will discuss our recent and ongoing work that adopts this harm-based perspective to mitigate potential biases, risks, and opacity inherent in geospatial data and algorithms. The presentation will include a demo supported by the CyberGISX platform.

Yue Lin

Yue Lin is an Assistant Instructional Professor of Geographic Information Science in the Division of the Social Sciences and the College at the University of Chicago. Her research is focused on geocomputation, geospatial data science, and digital privacy and justice. Her current work involves developing computational methods to ensure privacy, fidelity, and equity in the dissemination and mining of geospatial data. Yue received her doctorate in Geography from the Ohio State University in 2023.

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