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I-GUIDE Featured in Directions Magazine

Directions Magazine – an online publication for the geospatial community – recently published an article on I-GUIDE. In it, we learn how connecting many different disciplines - in expertise, in data sharing and integrated cyberinfrastructure, and in education - is necessary to harness geospatial data’s power to make critical discoveries around the most complicated problems of resilience and sustainability facing our society today.

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Pranjali Borse


Pranjali Borse is an active member of the I-GUIDE Climbers group, the students and technical staff behind I-GUIDE, who forster collaboration and technical innovation across our diverse intellectual terrain. We recently interviewed Pranjali to learn more about her current work.

Webinars & Virtual Consulting Office Sessions

I-GUIDE’s webinar series showcases the innovative research and education advanced by I-GUIDE collaborators and partners.
  • The Growing Challenge of Geospatial Interoperability - from the Real World to the Metaverse, presented by OGC's Dr. Nadine Alameh. Tuesday April 25, 2023 at 12 pm Central. Register here
  • A Portfolio Risk Analysis of Aging US Dams in a Changing Climate
The Virtual Consulting Office hosts interactive demonstrations, workshops and discussions to share the knowledge and experience within I-GUIDE with that of the broader community.
  • An Overview of Cartograms and Gastner’s Flow-based Algorithm.
    • Details: Tuesday April 4, 2023 at 12 pm Central.
    • Presenter: Adam Tonks, University of Illinois.  Register here.

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In the News

I-GUIDE Researcher Upmanu Lall discusses the vulnerability of the United States’ water infrastructure as it ages.
Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2023

I-GUIDE Team & Partners in Action

I-GUIDE researcher David Tarboton presents Hydroshare, a critical component of the I-GUIDE Core Cyberinfrastructure, for computationally reproducible and scalable hydrologic modeling, in partnership with I-GUIDE partner CUAHSI.

- ICICLE Seminar Series, February 9, 2023.

Recent Publications & Presentations

Broader Applicability of the Metacoupling Framework than Tobler's First Law of Geography for Global Sustainability: a Systematic Review
Nicholas Manning, Yingjie Li, and Jianguo Liu
Geography and Sustainability

I-GUIDE researchers sorted through 290 research articles across seven fields of sustainability to test if Tobler's First Law of Geography always holds true: "everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things."

Local, regional, and global adaptations to a compound pandemic-weather stress event
Iman Haqiqi, Danielle S Grogan, Marziyeh Bahalou Horeh, Jing Liu, Uris L C Baldos, Richard Lammers and Thomas W Hertel
Environmental Research Letters, February 2023.

Here I-GUIDE researchers use a coupled biophysical and economic model to consider the wide-ranging implications of a distressing question: what if COVID-19 had co-occurred with a 2015-like drought year?

Labor markets: a critical link between global-local shocks and their impact on agriculture
Srabashi Ray, Iman Haqiqi, Alexandra E Hill, J Edward Taylor and Thomas W Hertel
Environmental Research Letters, March 2023.

How well can we model the effects of global market developments and local sustainability policies in the field of agriculture, particularly when shocks occur? Using an integrated assessment model such as SIMPLE-G makes it possible.

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